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About the AMDG

The Agency Medical Directors’ Group (AMDG) works to improve health care programs purchased by Washington State.


The AMDG is made up of the medical directors from seven state agencies. Each year these agencies provide health care to 1.3 million people at an estimated cost of $4.5 billion, up from $2.7 billion in 2000. This $2 billion increase means that the share of the state budget going to healthcare has increased from 22 percent in 2000 to 28 percent today.


AMDG Five Priorities

Participating AMDG agencies are working together, within current resources, to initiate and implement the following priority areas that have an immediate and long-term beneficial effect on the health care delivery system.

Clinical Preventive Services

While broad agreement exists about which preventive services should be offered to all children and adults, there is likely underutilization of such services by health plans and providers, and poor understanding of the availability and importance of these services by covered beneficiaries. The AMDG is working to correct these deficiencies.

PDF Clinical Preventive Services (152 KB PDF)

Health Promotion and Wellness

The AMDG supports Governor Gregoire's Employee Wellness Initiative, improving the overall health and fitness of Washington State citizens

Governor Gregoire's Initiative: 

PDF Employee Wellness (163 KB PDF)

Interagency Guidelines

Working collaboratively, the AMDG is creating evidence-based medical treatment guidelines for Washington State citizens. Please refer to the interagency guidelines page for more information.

Patient Safety

The AMDG is committed to the decrease of adverse events in health care and an increased awareness of patient safety. Tracking key health outcomes and adverse events and applying the findings can strengthen the quality of care purchased or provided by state agencies.

Governor Gregoire's Initiative: 

PDF Improving Health Care Outcomes (316 KB PDF)

Pay for Quality

Pay for Quality can be described as an emphasis and focus on positive health outcomes for citizens by incentivizing the providers responsible for delivering quality of care.

Participating Agencies

 Agency  Contact
Washington State Board of Health  John Austin, PhD
Washington State Department of Corrections  Steve Hammond , MD, PhD
Washington State Office of the Insurance Commissioner  Pete Cutler
Washington State Health Officer  Kathy Lofy, MD
Washington State Department of Labor & Industries  Gary Franklin, MD, MPH
Washington State Department of Veteran Affairs  Alfie Alvarado-Ramos
Washington State Health Care Authority  Dan Lessler, MD
 Charissa Fotinos, MD

For questions about benefits or services from state health care programs, please contact the agencies directly. Contact information for all agencies and their programs is available through


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