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Evidence-Based Medicine

In recent years, several legislative initiatives have been enacted to enhance the capacity of state agencies to develop and implement policy and purchasing decisions consistent with the best available scientific evidence.

State agencies are working together through the AMDG to share resources, improve consistency in policy development, and increase transparency regarding policy and purchasing decisions.

Evidence-Based Medicine Workshop

In December 2004, the AMDG sponsored an evidence-based medicine workshop. This training provided the community the following:

  • Tools to answer questions about health care effectiveness and quality
  • Practical information for considering scientific studies, expert opinion, and value in formulating health policy
  • Strategies to differentiate between quality research, opinion, and marketing studies
  • Resources for obtaining and evaluating scientific evidence

Evidence-Based Medicine Speaker Presentations

Presenter: Presentation:
Arnold Milstein, MD: Evidence Based Health Care Purchasing PresentationEvidence-Based Health Care Purchasing and Regulation (54 KB PDF)
Gurvaneet Randhawa, MD, MPH: Technology Assessment Presentation Technology Assessment (68 KB PDF)
John Santa, MD: Sources of Evidence Presentation Sources of Evidence (29 KB PDF)
Clifford S. Goodman, PhD: Cost Analysis Tools Presentation Cost Analysis Tools (124 KB PDF)
Paul Shekelle, MD, PhD: Clinical Practice Guidelines Presentation Clinical Practice Guidelines and Quality Indicators (72 KB PDF)
Thomas Wickizer, PhD: Integrating Evidence Presentation Integrating Evidence and Value into Coverage Policies (84 KB PDF)

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