Opioid Taper Calculator
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  • Patients on methadone, buprenorphine or other complicated regimens, or who have significant comorbid mental health disorders should be referred for specialist consultation.
  • This calculator is intended for use as a starting point for tapering chronic opioid therapy regimens. In general, the rate of taper is 10% of total initial MED per week. However, the rate and duration of taper may be adjusted due to available opioid strengths, or based on the patient's response.
  • Do not reverse the taper; rate may be slowed or paused while monitoring for and managing withdrawal symptoms.
  • Watch for signs of unmasked mental health disorders during taper, especially in patients on prolonged or high dose opioids.

Treatment of Opioid Abstinence Syndrome (withdrawal):

Opioid Taper Calculator

Please choose the taper order, rate, duration, and start date.